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Meet the "Scents of Istanbul" series inspired by the legendary city, beautiful Istanbul!

Old BazaarInspired by the historical bazaars of Istanbul, it combines the spices of the Spice Bazaar, the mystical scents of the Grand Bazaar, the deep notes of Amber and the elegance of Musk in its notes.


Emirgan was prepared by being inspired by the scents surrounding Emirgan, the inspiring historical district of Istanbul with its streets opening to the Bosphorus, streets decorated with historical trees, tulip gardens, gardens with the scent of various flowers and green and blue. The scents of tangerine, iris, tulip, white flowers and oak gave life to Emirgan scent and Emirgan Cologne.

Emirgan 250 ml Eau De Cologne Cologne


The "Scents Of Istanbul" collection will have a prominent place in your decoration with its rich and simple design inspired by the Ottoman tulip, the symbol of Istanbul's golden periods.

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