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Flower of Life - Coaster

Place this coaster made of precious steel over your glass or under your cup. It is also suitable for use for decorative purposes. It is possible to use this coaster in your private life or in your daily life, as a guest, with a friend or at work. It is impossible not to be enchanted by this coaster, inspired by the 'flowers of life'. It is equipped with three integrated magnets in the coaster. You can be sure that it will be among your favorite accessories.

Product Details:

Size: 82.00 x 82.00 x 3.00mm
Number of regular magnets: 3
Magnet strength: 0.18 tesla
Material: special steel
Surface mix: satinized, polished
Color scheme: silver tones

Brand: Energetix

Important note:

These products, which contain magnets with magnetic properties, should not be used in the following situations.

•People with a pacemaker

Persons carrying surgical implants or parts that are sensitive to magnetic fields.

•Pregnant women

Flower of Life - Coaster

SKU: 3147-1
₺630.00 Regular Price
₺504.00Sale Price

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