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Change the energy of your environment with the relaxing and peaceful scents of incense.

Incense holders, which are an indispensable part of meditation and yoga rituals, which you can use to create a peaceful environment at home whenever you want; There are many helpful features in the use of incense, from smoking your incense safely to giving its aroma with the right notes.

This decorative incense holder, which is 100% ceramic and handmade, changes the atmosphere of your environment with its stylish design and color and is very durable for your stick incense.

Product features:

  • It is made of ceramic.
  • Colored with blue lacquer paint.
  • It is a 100% domestic and completely handmade product.
  • Suitable for your stick incense.
  • It has a length of 29 cm, a width of 7 cm and a height of 4 cm.

How to Use with Stick Incense:

  • Light your incense, after it ignites, let it burn for 5-10 seconds before putting it out.
  • Then blow it out gently.
  • After you see your incense start to burn, place your incense in the appropriate hole made for incense in the incense holder.
  • You can repeat the incense application any time you want to change your energy and become a better duh.

Things to pay attention:

  • As with any incense application, safe use is important.
  • Make sure your incense burner is visible, high above the ground, and free of heavy drafts.
  • When you finish the application or leave the place you are in, check your incense holder and incense, make sure your incense is completely extinguished.

Pale Blue Spotted Ceramic Incense Holder

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