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turmalin 18 taşlı bileklik

It is believed that the Tourmaline Stone is grounded in spiritual energy, balancing all the chakras and acting as a protective ascension. There is information that it has been used to clear the aura since ancient times.

The "crystal quartz" stone in the middle of the bracelet is a stone known as a master healer with very valuable properties.


Our beautiful bracelet is meticulously handcrafted with 18 Tourmaline stone beads and one crystal quartz bead, along with an adjustable accordion knot on black rope.


As this bracelet can be used as unisex, it will also be a very aesthetic choice for men.


Used materials:

18 pcs 8mm natural Tourmaline Stone

1 x 8 mm Crystal Quartz Stone
Special knitted rope

*It is sent in a fabric pouch with its special box.



Tourmaline: Balance and Chakra


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