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Triskelion Symbol Necklace

Triskelion is an ancient symbol used in many civilizations such as Celtic, Ancient Rome, France, Malta, Sicily, and Lycia in many periods of history.

Revolving curved shapes symbolize dynamism, movement and enthusiasm, and life.

The symbol of Triskelion has been used in many civilizations as a symbol representing different trinities;

-past, present, and future

-three substances (earth, water, and fire)

-the three phases of the sun (sunrise, high sun, and sunset)

-Earth, sky, sea

-mind, body, spirit


Material:18K gold micron plating on 925 sterling silver

Chain:18K gold micron plated chain on 925 sterling silver with 40 + 5 and 45+5 cm length options

Dimensions: Oval Length: 2 cm, Width: 1.3 cm.

Weight:3 gr.

Guarantee:2 years warranty


Use and Care:18 carat micron gold plated and protection shield has been applied.

We recommend that it does not come into contact with water and perfume.

Triskelion Symbol Necklace


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