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Scents of Istanbul Gift Set


Meet the "Scents of Istanbul" collection which is inspired by the beautiful legendary city, Istanbul!


Scent of Istanbul Gift Set; "Old Bazaar Candle", "Old Bazaar Candle", "Old Bazaar Diffuser"Ebb3bbd5819cf31363159c3153 De Cologne" and specially designed gift box, a unique scented gift set for you and your loved ones.


Old Bazaar, Inspired by the historical bazaars of Istanbul, it combines the spices of the Spice Bazaar, the mystical scents of the Grand Bazaar, the deep notes of Amber and the elegance of Musk in its notes.


The diffuser, which is 200 mL, provides a perfect spread in the environment with its velvet long scent sticks. The design detail, with its rich and simple texture inspired by the Istanbul tulip, reflects the spirit of the fragrance around it. Increases the energy of the environment in which it is locatedOld Bazar Diffuser, will be indispensable for fragrance lovers.


Prepared with 100% natural soy waxOld Bazaar Candle, 200 gr and has an average burning time of 40 hours. Istanbul will have a prominent place in your decoration with its rich and simple design inspired by the Ottoman tulip, the symbol of its golden periods.


Emirgan 250 ml Eau De Cologne;

Emirganwas inspired by the scents surrounding Emirgan, Istanbul's streets opening to the Bosphorus, streets decorated with historical trees, tulip gardens, gardens with the scent of various flowers, and the inspiring historical district of Emirgan, where green and blue meet. The scents of tangerine, iris, tulip, white flowers and oak gave life to Emirgan scent and Emirgan Cologne.

Emirgan 250 ml Eau De Cologne Cologne


Scents of Istanbul Gift Set is sent in a specially designed gift box.


Old Bazaar Fragrance Notes:

Top: Bergamot, Cinnamon, Saffron.
Heart: Violet, Jasmine, Orchid.
Bottom: Amber, Musk.


Emirgan Scent Notes:

Top: Citrus.
Medium: Irises, Cardamom and Flower.
Bottom: Amber, Oak Moss.



Old Bazaar Diffuser, Diffuser usage time may vary depending on fragrance type, room temperature, humidity conditions and room size. Remove the tape holding the velvet rods together and place it inside the diffuser bottle. The intensity of the fragrance varies depending on the type of fragrance, the number of sticks and the room temperature where the air freshener sticks are placed. Rotate the sticks every 5 days to keep the scent intensity constant.


Old Bazaar Candle; 200 gr, 100% Vegetable Soy Wax, Average 36 hours burning time, Candle container dimensions, length 8 cm, diameter 7.8 cm.
Usage: About 70 Day


Important Environmental Note: The Gift Box is made from 100% recycled paper.

Scents of Istanbul Gift Set


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