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Scents of Istanbul- Emirgan Eau De Cologne


Meet the "Scents of Istanbul" collection which is inspired by the beautiful legendary city, Istanbul!


Emirgan, Istanbul's streets opening to the Bosphorus, streets decorated with historical trees, tulip gardens, gardens with the scent of various flowers, and the inspiring historical district of Emirgan, where green and blue meet, was inspired by the scents surrounding Emirgan. The scents of tangerine, iris, tulip, white flowers and oak gave life to Emirgan scent and Emirgan Cologne .


Emirgan 250 ml Eau De Cologne Cologne


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Citrus.
Medium: Irises, Cardamom and Flower.
Bottom: Amber, Oak Moss.


Scents of Istanbul- Emirgan Eau De Cologne


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