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Rhodonite: Emotional Awakening Bracelet

Rhodonite stone, also known as "Rose Stone", takes its name from the Greek word "rhodon" due to its rose red color. Rhodonite is believed to have an effect especially on the heart chakra, helping emotional and physical purification, and grounding negative energy in the body.It is also known as the stone of love in some cultures due to its beliefs of cleansing from emotions. In ancient times, it is believed that those who carry Rhodonite will bring generosity, joy and happiness.


Our beautiful bracelet is handcrafted with 18 Rhodonite beads on a pale pink rope, with an accordion knot that can be adjusted according to the wrist. The metal tiny complements on the accordion tip are gold water-plated brass materials.


Used materials:

  • 18 pieces of 8mm natural Rhodonite Stone
  • Special knitted rope
  • Gold water plated brass complementary metal parts

*It is sent in a fabric pouch with its special box.

Rhodonite: Emotional Awakening Bracelet


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