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Palo Santo, known as the sacred tree in the South American continent, is 100% natural, rich in resin and has been used for centuries to clean places, meditation, spiritual rituals, remove bad energy, against mosquitos and insects with its wonderful sweet scent.

The pleasant scent of the Palo Santo Stick envelops the entire room, creating a pleasant atmosphere for meditation or other exercises (yoga, relaxation).

Unlike other classic incense that burn completely, the Palo Santo stick can Burn several times.


First of all, take care to keep your Palo Santo incense sticks in a moisture-free and dry environment. Otherwise, you may have difficulty igniting your moistened sticks. You can use a candle or lighter to ignite the sticks. Put the fire at an oblique angle to your rod for about 30 seconds. hold it, let it burn and then blow it out. A stream of smoke will rise from the embers and spread into the environment. After lighting your rod, you can either move it around every corner of your home or place it in an incense holder.

If you want to reactivate Palo Santo, it will be enough to gently blow from time to time.

Note: Palo Santo, a woody incense, is not an incense that can give intense smoke and burn to the end like other herbal incense. Its smoke is quite effective and dense. If you want to smoke for a long time, you can try to activate your incense by blowing occasionally. Do not forget to put your incense in a fireproof bowl when you finish your smoking process.

Experience the healing power of the Palo Santo tree that has been used by locals for centuries. Let Palo Santo, which comes from nature, touch your mind and soul with its high frequency.

Palo Santo Wood Incense

SKU: MGTP000001

    Palo Santo wood incense, stylish will be delivered to you in a craft package.

    Approximate weight is 50 gr.

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