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1 Sage Incense Bundle

2 Bundles of Evil Eye Incense
3 Sea Shell Smoker

4 Matches

5 Description Cards


Sage herb has been accepted as a medicinal herb throughout history and has been used in various ways. For thousands of years, it has been used in different civilizations and cultures in different rituals such as cleansing from negative energy and removing bad luck. Along with many different geographies, sage is often used as incense in Anatolia. You can use sage incense to purify your home and spaces from negative energies.


It is prepared with Lavender, Laurel and Peganum herbs.

Lavender: In many cultures throughout history, lavender has been believed to help rest the body and mind and purify from bad energies and has been used for various purposes.

Peganum: Protecting this plant, which has been used in Anatolia for a long time, from the effects of low frequency energies in our living space and from the evil eye; relieving stress, anxiety, anxiety; It is believed to help ..

Evil Eye Incense Set

SKU: MGTS0000003

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