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Sedef Kolye

«I am a part of the Infinite Source»

Pearl is an organic meterial grown in oyster, while "Mother of Pearl" covers the inside of the oyster shell where pearl grows and makes this natural meterial kind of "Mother of Pearl". For this reason, Mother of Pearl is known as «Mother of Pearl». It has a calming, intuitive and imaginative effect.


Mother of Pearl: Calming, Imagination, Intuition, Love, Prosperity, Concentration


Our beautiful Mala necklace is carefully handcrafted with the intention of love and affection.

This mala&necklace is hand knotted on gold rope and completed with the Crown Chakra symbol, which is covered with gold water on brass.



8 mm Mother of Mother of Pearl beads

Gold Plated Crown Chakra Symbol


All metal meterials that has been used in these necklace are gold plated brass.

Mother of Pearl: Necklace & Mala

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₺442.40Sale Price

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