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Good Moods Humidifier Set - Aromatheraphy Air Humidifier

We combined humidifier air humidification experience and aromatherapy in a specially designed set for you, using completely natural plants.


*In the air humidifier, use the rose, lavender, jasmine or silver spoon green tea in your set options your plants and flowers from your wonderful rooms and flowers aromatic fragrances.

*You can use our specially designed air humidifier with its portable and rechargeable feature at home, in your car and anywhere you want.

* Thanks to its special filter, you can use it in facial spa applications, as well as providing great humidification to the place where it is located.


GOOD MOODS IN THE AIR AROMATHERAPY HUMIDIFIER: In a special design box prepared with the motto "Good Moods In The Air"


* 1 pcs Humidifier water tank ( 48*48*158mm )

* 1 Humidifier nozzle and filter bar system

* 2 pcs replacement filter bar

* 1pc charging cable

* 1 can of dried lavender

* 1 box of dried jasmine flowers

* 1 box of dried rose

* 1 box silver spoon green tea

* There is 1 special cardboard bag.




Good Moods Humidifier Set - Aromatheraphy Air Humidifier

SKU: MGHM000001
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    Product Features : 
    Humidifier Materials:  ABS+PC
    Input voltage :  DC5V
    Input current :  800mA
    Rated power :  2W
    Water tank capacity :  100ml
    Mist output :  30-50ml/h
    Product Size :  48*48*158mm
    Product NW :  147g

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