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Tree of Life Deq Symbol Necklace

In Mesopotamian cultures, the tree of life motif comes from a mythical belief in a mother goddess who attributes fertility to women.

Tree of Life; It represents the life cycle, productivity, creativity and fertility.


Material:18K gold micron plating on 925 sterling silver

Chain:18K gold micron plated chain on 925 sterling silver with 40 + 5 and 45+5 cm length options

Dimensions: Oval Length: 2 cm, Width: 1.3 cm.

Weight:3 gr.

Guarantee:2 years warranty


Use and Care:18-carat micron gold plating and protection shield has been applied. We recommend that you avoid long-term water contact and direct contact with alcohol-containing perfumes.

Tree of Life Deq Symbol Necklace


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