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bolluk ve bereket dogal tas seti

You can use your stones in the Abundance Crystal Set to create a beautiful and different aura in your meditation and related intention-enhancing rituals, as well as in the decoration of your home.


We deliver these stones from various parts of the world in a special fabric pouch with a kraft package box.


1. Citrine: Prosperity, success, strengthening communication

2. Tiger's Eye: Practicality, strength, endurance, clarity, balance of extremes, justice.

3. Agate: Abundance, success, strengthening communication, protective against evil eye

4. Aventurine: Fortune stone, believed to bring abundance.


  • Each stone is an average of 20gr. It is 100% natural .
  • Gems included in this set:
    • 1 x Citrine
    • 1 x Tiger Eye
    • 1 x Agate
    • 1 x Aventurine



Note: We recommend you to read our blog post about cleaning stones.

Abundance Crystal Set

SKU: MGT1000002

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