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The most trendy beauty product of 2021: Face Roller

The latest beauty product to get a lot of attention on social media is face rollers. From influencers to a-list celebrities, face rollers and especially rose quartz face rollers have become an essential part of daily beauty routines. But what are face roles, what are the benefits they offer, are they reliable, do they provide the promised benefits? In this article , we will examine face rollers, how to use them, and their potential benefits.

What Is Face Roller?

As a design, face rollers resemble rollers, but are smaller in size. They are usually made of jade or rose quartz, but recently they have also been made of many different natural stones. Those made of pink quartz are the most popular.

Face rollers are usually offered with two design options,

1. With one standard rolling tip

2. Two rolling ends; a standard one and a smaller rolling end.

The standard rolling tip is r

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