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Meet the “Deq Heritage Collection”, the first collection of our Heritage series.

 “deq”, many in the Mesopotamian regionIn k cultures, women usuallyancient meanings engraved on their faces and on the bodies of men.transcendent tattoosir.

Although the beginning of the Deq culture is based on  Sumerians  , it was used by all Mesopotamian civilizations. For hundreds of years, it has survived as a very valuable culture in the Mesopotamian region, where women express their feelings, hopes and beliefs.

Deq symbols, which usually consist of nature figures and geometric figures, have such deep meanings that you want them to stay on you forever.

“Deq Heritage K”, which we designed with the inspiration of this ancient and  beautifulcollection" by giving a nod to our own roots, "HWe are happy to introduce the “Ertage Series” to everyone.

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Deq Heritage Collection
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